As mentioned in our previous post on root beer, Mr. and Mrs. Family Trivium recently sampled varieties of mead at a local meadery.

What is mead?
To answer this question we looked to the Encyclopedia Britannica (no, not Wikipedia this time) and found that mead is simply an “alcoholic beverage fermented from honey and water; sometimes yeast is added to accelerate the fermentation.”

According to many sources, mead is likely the oldest alcoholic beverage in history, with Time magazine indicating that there is evidence that it existed as far back at 7000 BC in China. Sap House Meadery in¬†Center Ossipee, New Hampshire implies that mead was not invented, but rather that it “may have been accidentally discovered when old tree stumps serving as homes for honey bees were flooded during the rains and the fermentation process took place naturally, only to be found and enjoyed by the people traveling through.”

It seems uncertain exactly when or where mead was invented and whether is was discovered or invented, and by whom. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into this topic in future posts.


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