In previous posts, we’ve mentioned a visit to a local meadery to do some tasting. Looking at the list of offerings, there was only one item called “mead,” two or three other uniquely named selections, and a whole bunch of melomels.

What is a melomel?
In our last post, we took a brief look at mead, and it’s history, to discover that it is simply fermented honey, water, and – as was the case at the meadery – sometimes yeast. We took a look at the FAQ over at Stonekeep Meadery, located in Pennsylvania, and found that a “melomel is a type (or subcategory) of mead made by fermenting fruit along with the honey.”

Indeed the melomels offered at the local meadery included Blackberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Peach, and Strawberry. Stay tuned for future posts about meads, soft drinks, and more.