In our last post, we looked at the melomel, of which the local meadery offered several varieties. In addition to these and the tradional “straight” mead, another offering was an apple cyser.

What is a Cyser?
We again refered to the FAQ over at Stonekeep Meade and found that it is a type of mead made with “honey and apples or apple cider. Can also be made with peach, cherry or pear cider.”

At the local meadery, the peach and cherry flavored offerings were presented as varieties of melomel. Some consider cyser to be subcategory of melomel, and this seems valid given the definition of each.

However you look at it, we found the apple cyser offered at the local meadery to be delicious enough to bring home a bottle to safely enjoy at a later date. Tune in for future posts where we will look further into mead.