Motor Oil Revisited – Synthetic

We’ve taken a brief hiatus from the blog for a couple of weeks, though not from learning as a family, to deal with non-trivial family issues in the extended family. All is well for now.

As we come back we’ll take brief hiatus, on the blog, from food and drink topics to look at some of the things we’ve explored over the past few weeks, expanding upon the topics of earlier posts.

And now for today’s main topic: Synthetic Motor Oil
In a previous post we examined motor oil and even mentioned synthetic motor oil, According to, synthetic oils are

Oils produced by synthesis (chemical reaction) rather than by extraction or refinement. Many (but not all) synthetic oils offer immense advantages in terms of high temperature stability and low temperature fluidity, but are more costly than mineral oils. Major advantage of all synthetic oils their chemical uniformity.

 This is not necessarily to say that the components that are part of this synthesis are not petroleum-derived. If you take a look at a bottle of Pennzoil Synthetic, it is clearly labeled “MADE FROM NATURAL GAS.” Perhaps we’ll delve more into this in a future post.

In our next post, we’ll look at why a synthetic motor oil should be used.