Super Glue

We continue our walk of discovery down the hardware aisle…

A few weeks back, one of the kids won a homemade stuffed animal. It wasn’t long before one of the googly eyes fell (was shaken) off the poor creature. “Dad, we just need to put it back on with craft glue.”

“Well, I don’t know if we have any craft glue, but I knew exactly where to find the super glue.” Right next to the WD-40 and duck tape of course (actually it’s Gorilla Tape, but that is a post all its own). After 30 seconds, the googly eye was securely restored to its craft glue eye socket and has been healthy ever since.

What is super glue?
While Super Glue is a brand, much like Duck Tape, generic super glue is a strong, fact acting adhesive with a chemical name of cyanoacrylate according to Wikipedia. It was originally developed, by accident, in 1942 by Harry Coover Jr. who was trying to create clear gun sights to be used during World War II – like duck tape and WD-40, super glue spawned out of the defense industry.

While the uses are less numerous than for duck tape or WD-40, they are still many, as summarized in the Wikipedia article. The most common use in our house is as “nail glue” to hold together a one of my damaged finger (or toe) nails until it has had a chance to grow out and can be properly trimmed. If you have a favorite or unique use for super glue, please feel free to share in the comments.