Mead – Why?

A few of our earlier posts have focused on mead. Knowing what mead is, why would anyone want to drink it?

Over at Dan McCoy’s Norse Mythology for Smart People, we found an article on the Mead of Poetry, that is a mead that would turn anyone who drank it into a poet or scholar. Becoming either one of these two things isn’t likely to hurt anyone – especially those with a literary or academic calling.

Spoiler Alert! You can get the details in Mr. McCoy’s article, but the story goes that this mythic drink was developed through the misdeeds of a pair of dwarves. When Odin, the chief of the gods, became aware of this substance, as a tireless pursuer of knowledge, he gained possession of it through mischief of his own. According to the myth, the Mead of Poetry is housed in Asgard, only to be dispensed to those that Odin has deemed worthy.

According to an article over at Time Magazine, the word “honeymoon” refers to a medieval tradition of a newlywed couple drinking honey wine (mead) for a full lunar cycle after their wedding. Mead was thought to be an aphrodisiac that would bring love and fertility to the marriage.

In the past people have sought to drink mead for knowledge and love. These are certainly noble pursuits, but we think, that as legal age adults, the simplest reason to drink mead is because it is a uniquely delicious beverage that will enlighten and enchant your taste buds, if not your mind and your heart.