A while back, we did a series of posts on the robot. This topic surfaces again as we approach spring break. During the week, the youngest member of the Family Trivium household is looking forward to attending an introductory robotics clinic while others of us work on a slightly more advanced robotics project. Yes, this is our idea of fun.

In one post, we mention that one likely component of the robot is a motor. To understand a machine, you need to understand the components. We’ll start by referencing the Online Etymology Dictionary to help us understand the word:

mid-15c., “controller, prime mover,” from Latin motor, literally “mover,” agent noun from past participle stem of movere “to move” (see move (v.))…

As we found, in our previous post, that one of the four major components of a robot is moving parts, it makes perfect sense that a robot will likely contain at least one motor. The independent robotics project that we are working on during spring break will have two motors. We’ll just need to wait and see how many motors are manipulated in the introductory clinic.

Check back as we expand on the concepts behind robotics, as well as machines and technology in general. Don’t worry food fans – we’ll still be eating, so we’re certain to be mixing in some discourse on bites to go along with all the discussion of bytes.


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