Given our absence of late, this seemed like an appropriate topic. Illness, work deadlines, school deadlines, conferences (both work and school), and trips have kept the Family Trivium household learning, but away from the blog. New posts will be rolling out as we distill all of this information for public consumption.

Right now, we turn to the Meriam-Webster Dictionary for its definition of hiatus as “a period of time when something (such as an activity or program) is stopped.” According to the Online Etymology Dictionary it found its first use in the 1560s as a “break or opening in a material object,” with the 1610s being when it was first used to describe a “gap or interruption in events, etc.” It comes from the Latin past participle stem of hiare “to gape, stand open,” I.e. yawn.

Perhaps this last bit of information – yawn – would explain why Family Trivium took its brief hiatus. People yawn when they are tired. In dealing with the cold that has been going around our area, we more than yawned. Mr. Family Trivium, who typically calls in sick to work no more than one day per year, was in bed for two full days. Take a hiatus when you are simply to tired to do it.

With respect to how to take a hiatus – it’s easier than not taking a hiatus. Simply stop doing whatever it is that you were doing, but intend to continue to do in the future. In the future, we do intend to keep the interruptions to Family Trivium to minimum. Please check back often as we start getting the blog caught up on all of the great things that we’ve been learning in April.


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