In our last post, we looked at the joy of hiking. In that post we mentioned camping, an activity that goes hand-in-hand with hiking. In the Family Trivium household, we do enjoy camping. Some of Mr. Family Trvium’s fondest memories are of his numerous camping trips as a Scout, camping next to a mountain stream in the Canadian Rockies with his parents, and camping in with San Juans with Mrs. Family Trivium and the kids.

What is Camping?
According to the MacMillan Dictionary, in American English, camping is “the activity of living in a tent, usually for fun.” Unlike the Merriam-Webster definition for hiking, we completely agree. In our experience camping is done in a tent and it is usually fun. Some would say that sleeping in an RV or cabin is also camping. We have nothing against RVs – we’ve even shared campsites with RVers – but in our world sleeping in an RV is RVing. Sleeping in a cabin is sleeping in a cabin – we’ve also done, and enjoyed, that.

Relationship to Hiking
In our post on hiking, we mention that “some times, people will camp while hiking. Other times, people will hike while camping.” To camp while hiking, is to use camping to extend the distance of your hike – i.e. to start at point A, hike to and camp at point B, before breaking camp and hiking to point C, and so forth. This is commonly referred to as backpacking. To hike while camping, is to setup base camp at point A, go for day hikes and return back to base camp at point A to sleep every night.

We’ll be looking more closely at backpacking, and other components of outdoor recreation in future posts. In the mean, time we hope you get to enjoy some time outside.


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