We recently looked at bread and today we look at its seemingly omnipresent companion: butter. On the day that FamilyTrivium.com started, Mr. FamilyTrivium was reminiscing about spreading orange marmalade on toasted bread. Butter was, of course, also part of the formula – at least it should have been (more on this later).

According to Food.com, butter is defined as “cream churned into a solid state.” It must have a minimum of 80% milk fat and is assigned various USDA grades based on qualities of flavor, body, texture, color and salt.

Food.com goes on to explain that unless labeled as such all butter is salted. In baking, unsalted butter is preferred so that the baker exercise exact control over the amount of salt going into recipes. Do keep in mind that salt is a preservative, so unsalted butter will not keep for as long as salted varieties.

Do you like butter, or do you prefer an alternative? Do you have a favorite butter? Our favorite is Kerrygold, both salted and unsalted. We like it for a variety of reasons, most prominently is rich flavor. The downside is that it is neither local nor is it inexpensive.


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