Sleeping Bag

For our next subject in our deeper examination of the “Big Three,” we had a harder time finding an agreeable definition from the standard sources.

The definition from states that a sleeping is “a warmly lined or padded body-length bag, usually waterproof and with a closure, in which one or two persons can sleep, especially outdoors, as when camping.” Two problems:

  1. Sleeping bags are usually NOT waterproof. Sleeping bags are intentionally not waterproof so perspiration does not collect in the insulation and reduce its effectiveness.
  2. A sleeping bag is not necessarily warmly lined. There are actually sleeping bags made of thin moisture-wicking materials for the purpose of sleeping in warm weather.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a sleeping bag is defined as a “a warm, long bag that is used for sleeping outdoors or in a tent.” Again, there is the assumption that a sleeping bag is warm.

Based on our experiences, the FamilyTrivium definition of Sleeping Bag:

A body-length bag primarily used for comfortably sleeping in the outdoors.

In future posts we will more closely examine the attributes of sleeping bags. In the mean time let us know in the comments if you have a favorite sleeping bag.


3 thoughts on “Sleeping Bag

  1. Like you mentioned, I have two different sleeping bags that I usually use. One is for warm weather and is very light. It was an off-brand by Dick’s Sporting Goods. The second is my cold weather bag. It is a Swiss Gear bag rated to I believe 10º F. It is much heavier and bulkier, but it keeps me warm.


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