Extra Clothing

Continuing down the Boy Scout list of Ten Essentials for outdoor activities, we now look at item 3: Extra Clothing. This shows up as item 4 on the Mountaineers classic list and item 3 on the updated Mountaineers list, as insulation. The Mountaineers updated list gets to the heart of the matter: insulation.

So as to not take for granted that everyone knows the definition of insulation, we turn to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, which states that insulation is “a material or substance that is used to stop heat, electricity, or sound from going into or out of something.” In the case of outdoor clothing, it is the movement of heat that is being attempted to be restricted.

The extra clothing that you might include depends upon the season, though we always include an extra pair of socks appropriate for whatever season brings us out. With outdoor clothing, layers are encouraged to allow you to vary your amount of insulation with your amount of activity and with the ambient temperature. Some of these layers will end up, throughout the course of your outdoor activity, as the extra clothes in your ten essentials list. This system of layers is something that we can, and will, cover in a future post all its own.


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