With all of our talk of barbecue, you’d think that the FamilyTrivium household must surely own a smoker. Well, we don’t. This is one of those things where we know our limitations, mostly of time, and leave the task to experts.

On the other hand, like many Americans, we do have a grill (three actually; four, counting the old one that doesn’t work that Mr. FamilyTrivium needs to get rid of; Five counting the camping grill). With grilling season in full swing and burgers and hot dogs frequently on the dinner menu, we’ve been going through jars of one of our favorite condiments: the pickle.

Dictionary.com offers several definitions, but their first is the one that refers to the item which our family calls a pickle:

a cucumber that has been preserved in brine, vinegar, or the like.

The word originated between 1400 and 1450 from Middle English pikkyll, Middle Dutch pekille, or Middle Low German pekel. Tori Avey has an article over at PBS.org about the history of pickles, in which she explains that the pickle was likely first made as early as 2030 BC in the Tigris Valley.

While probably a far cry from the original pickle from the Middle East, our favorite variety is the Bread and Butter pickle, specifically a “spicy” or “zesty” version. We love them with burgers. What is your favorite variety? Feel free to share in the comments.