It’s Sunday and it’s grilling season, which means that it’s steak season. In the FamilyTrivium household, we probably eat steak once per week during grilling season. Sometimes we dry age it, sometimes we marinate it, and some times we just use a dry rub. Typically, we’ll have sirloin, but sometimes we’ll spring for strip steak or ribeye. There are so many choices.

With so many reliable dictionaries out there you wouldn’t think we’d need to turn to Wikipedia for a comprehensive definition:

a cut of meat sliced perpendicular to the muscle fibers, potentially including a bone.

The unqualified use of the word, generally, refers to beef steak. It’s origin is thought to be  Old Norse steik, or “roast meat,” in the middle of the 15th Century.

Steak comes in a variety of different cuts, from different parts of the beef.

Mr. FamilyTrivium’s favorite is the Ribeye, also known as the Beauty, the Delmonico, or the Spencer according to the Beef Checkoff. He has been known to say “Ribeye is like the bacon of steak.” This is how much he loves the Ribeye.

Mrs. FamilyTrivium prefers the lean Strip steak, which the Beef Checkoff says is also known as the Club, the Top Loin, the Kansas City, and the New York Strip. In our experience, it can also be known as the [Insert name of restaurant or the city or state in which the restaurant is located] Strip. It’s not as if there aren’t already enough different cuts of steak that each one needs to have multiple aliases.

The younger members of the FamilyTrivium household seem to always end up ordering some non-steak item even when eating at a steakhouse. We know. However, those who aren’t too proud to beg often do so from Mrs. FamilyTrivium’s plate which sometimes comes out with a Strip steak, and other times with with some variety of a Sirloin, which has too many different names for too many different variations to list here. If Mr. FamilyTrivium orders a Sirloin, there is usually none left to beg for. If Mr. Family Trivium springs for the Ribeye, there is definitely none left to beg for. When the steak is coming off the grill on our patio, the youngsters do usually eat sirloin.

Do you have a favorite steak or steakhouse? Please feel free to share in the comments.