Early in the blog, we looked at the marshmallow. With all of our recent camping talk, it was only a matter of time before we’d have s’mores on our mind.

basic recipe for s’mores, can be found at Hershey’s website. It is basically a roasted marshmallow on top of half a piece of milk chocolate, with both sandwiched between the two halves of a graham cracker. Traditionally, the marshmallow is roasted over a flame, but there are also instructions for using the microwave.

Hershey’s credits the 1927 Girl Scout handbook, Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts, for first publishing the recipe for this campfire dessert. Folklore attributes the name to the notion that everyone who tried it asked for “some more.”

We’ve seen variations on the basic recipe, mostly through substitution of another candy bar for the milk chocolate. Some of our favorites involve using a piece of dark chocolate, a peanut butter cup, or a Milk Way. If you have a special s’mores recipe, we’d like to hear about in the comments.