Last week, we ended up taking a break due to a really busy schedule and a lack of access to the grid. Some members of the Family Trivium household spent the week at camp. During the day, classes were attended and, at night, we slept in tents, in sleeping bags, which were both carried in backpacks. We learned so much, and as we distill all the information, we’ll share much more in upcoming posts.

One of the more memorable experiences was learning how to use the atlatl. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the atlatl as “a device for throwing a spear or dart that consists of a rod or board with a projection (as a hook) at the rear end to hold the weapon in place until released.” It originates from Nahuatl (Aztec) “ahtlatl” in 1871 according to the Online Etymology dictionary.

While there were members of our group who attended an archery class all week, on one morning, all of us participated in a group archery shoot. There were only six stations, so while the archers were taking their turn with bow and arrow, the rest of us had the opportunity to try out various atlatls. Our target was a tire in the field adjacent to the archery range. None of us hit the target, but we all had a blast.


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