Texas Toast

In our post on French toast, we mentioned that we made it using Texas toast. Are we confused yet?

At wiseGEEK.com, Texas toast is described as a type of bread which “is pre-sliced to about twice the width of a normal slice of packaged bread for a sandwich.” Generally, it isn’t sold toasted, but fresh, like a normal loaf of sandwich bread.

The wiseGEEK.com article indicates that Texas toast may have been first offered in 1941, in Beaumont, Texas, but acknowledges that it could certainly have been around before that. Perhaps this was when it was first called “Texas toast.”

Not being huge bread fans, we really do only use Texas toast for making French toast. It stands up well to being dredged through the batter when compared to regular sliced sandwich bread. We’ve tried both. We’d love to hear, in the comments, about your favorite recipe using Texas toast.