We sure like foods that pair well with butter and maple syrup. We’ve already given discourse on our love of French toast, but today we’re in the mood for pancakes. defines the pancake as “a thin, flat cake of batter fried on both sides on a griddle or in a frying pan; griddlecake or flapjack.” It is a compounding of the words “pan” and “cake” first used in late Middle English Between 1400 and 1450.

Our conflict is that we try to moderate consumption of sugars and refined grains, two things that are abundant on the best tasting plates of maple syrup smothered pancakes. It is the weekend though, so it’s time to indulge.

Given a choice between French Toast and pancakes, we’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite. We love both as they both tend to be covered in butter and maple syrup. It really comes down to mood on a given day. Today, pancakes are winning out. While we go get out the griddle, please feel free to let us know about your favorite hot breakfast in the comments.


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