It’s hot. It’s humid. There’s not much breeze outside. Mr. Family Trivium refers to this weather as the “Summer Doldrums,” a phrase often used to describe these conditions when he was growing up. defines doldrums as “a state of inactivity or stagnation.” The Online Etymology Dictionary dates the word to 1811 and attributes the word to Old English “dol” or “foolish” with the ending fashioned after “tantrum.” Apparently, the weather is having a foolish tantrum, preventing things from happening.

There is certainly a lack of outdoor activity when the temperature approaches the century mark. It’s even too hot to walk to the pool to cool down. What is a family to do?

The weather may keep us indoors, but it’s not yet time for “back-to-school shopping,” so we’ll prepare in a different way: extra time on Khan Academy to get back into the learning groove. We’ve found it to be a great resource for learners.

The basement is a great (cool) place to hang out when the heat is on, so we might head down there and go through the stores of winter clothes to weed out what doesn’t fit anymore so it can be donated to Goodwill. The basement is also the home of the Wii – we can at least maintain some level of activity, even if not as much as at the pool or park.

How do you deal with the “Summer Doldrums?” What do you do when it’s hot, humid, and calm? Feel free to share your coping strategies in the comments.