The other night, Mr. Family Trivium went on date with a with someone other than Mrs. Family Trivium, and at a buffet, no less. What kind of a married man goes on a date, with someone other that his spouse, and to a buffet? A guy on a father-daughter date does this!

Buffets aren’t usually suggested for dates, but when it comes to father-daughter dates, they’re great. What is a buffet? Dictionary.com defines a buffet as “a meal laid out on a table or sideboard so that guests may serve themselves” and comes from Old French between 1710 and 1720.

The venue for our date was specifically a Chinese buffet. This was the perfect place for Mr. Family Trivium and this specific daughter as they are the only two “adventurous” eaters in the house. With respect to Chinese food, everyone else under the roof is either very limited in what they will eat, or will not eat it at all. This buffet was “all-you-can-eat” and offered a large variety with two tables of prepared Chinese dishes, a salad/fruit/desert table, a sushi table, and a Mongolian Grill. Even the pickiest eater in house probably could have found something to like at this buffet.

We tried many of the prepared Chinese dishes, and a few pieces of sushi, before finishing up with fruit and desert. Hard pressed, Mr. Family Trivium’s favorite dish was probably the jalapeno chicken (curiously labeled as BBQ ribs). Ice cream and Chinese donuts aside, Daughter would pick sesame chicken.

We’d love to hear about your favorite buffet in the comments.