Cold Cut

In our last post, we talked about the picnic and how we were planning to take one. We did, and it was a beautiful July day: low 80s, a light breeze, a blue sky punctuated by a few clouds, and a desert-like, for us, 30% relative humidity (wow). The main course was, as planned and mentioned in yesterday’s post, cold cut sandwiches. defines cold cuts as “slices of unheated salami, bologna, ham, liverwurst, turkey, or other meats and sometimes cheeses.” It is thought to have originated as an Americanism between 1940 and 1945.

Our ingredient choices were hard salami, turkey pepperoni, thin-sliced provolone, and slices of American cheese to be put on Italian bread hot dog buns – we called these “slider subs.” They weren’t exactly Jimmy John’s #5 slims, but they were a far cry better than the bologna on white sandwiches that Mr. Family Trivium remembered eating on childhood family road trips as cars whizzed past the interstate rest stop at 60 MPH (yes, the national speed limit was 55 MPH back then). There were sides of baby carrots, snap peas, and, yes, potato chips. Dessert consisted of M&M’s left over from Easter.

Let us know about your favorite cold cuts in the comments.


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