Road Trip

Recently, we had a couple of days where Mr. and Mrs. Family Trivium took turns taking a day off from work to spend with the kids before the start of another school year. It seems that we’ve all been yearning for a road trip – due to various factors, we haven’t had a real one for a couple of years.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “road trip,” coined in 1953, as “a long trip in a car, truck, etc.”

Our most recent road trip was a week-long-plus journey to, through, and from Yellowstone National Park. So far, hands-down, it has been our best family vacation. If magic is real, it certainly exists in Yellowstone. Perhaps it was this wonderful experience that has us wanting to hop in the family car and head for the mountains.

Not only can a trip through a place like Yellowstone be soul stirring, it can also be quite a learning experience as the Family Trivium kids found while completing the Junior Ranger program. This trip changed us in ways that can’t be put into words. To know it, it must be experienced.

Since Yellowstone, we’ve certainly had other, shorter drives of a few hours to visit family and to accomplish tasks not possible to do at home, but none of these were particularly life-changing (no offense Aunt Jane). We’ve had our share of out-of-town weddings where our budget ruled out four plane tickets, so we packed up the family car and took an extra day or two to take in diversions while on the road. Watching good friends take the vows and celebrate,  these trips ended up being quite fun, but a vacation with firm appointments and formal clothes is no where near as relaxing as one spent taking in the beauty of nature at your own pace in a fleece, wool socks and hiking boots or, perhaps later the same day, shorts and sandals.

On our recent days off, we had no grand adventures, but we did get out to local parks and nature preserves to take in some beautiful weather, reconnect with nature, and learn a thing or two.

Please let us know about your favorite road trip in the comments.