Recent weather with overnight lows in the 40s signals the coming end of Summer. However, with 90s still in the forecast, we’re not quite there yet, so sweet frozen treats are still on the menu. One of out favorites is frozen custard. In our town, there have been a few places that have offered this desert, though only two, to our knowledge, still exist. Both are chains. Still, we like the stuff, but what is it? defines custard as “a dessert made of eggs, sugar, and milk, either baked, boiled, or frozen.” The word originates between 1400 and 1450 from late Middle English “crustade,” a kind of pie; from Prevencal “croustado.”

When it comes to frozen custard, defines it as “a smooth-textured, soft, frozen-food product of whole milk, and sometimes cream, egg yolk, etc., sweetened and variously flavored, often served in an ice-cream cone.” We think of it as rich-tasting ice cream. Perhaps it’s the egg yolk that gives it character.

Mr. and Mrs. Family Trivium prefer plain vanilla or chocolate, while the kids prefer a topping. Most recently, the favorites were M&M’s over chocolate and NestlĂ© Crunch over vanilla. We’d love to hear about your favorite flavors and toppings in the comments.