On morning of New Year’s Day 2015, our family was sitting around the breakfast table discussing fruit spreads when we realized we didn’t completely know the difference between jams, jellies, preserves, marmalade, etc. Using our Google-Fu we quickly found the answer (more on this later). We decided that each day, as a family, we would answer a question of what, why, or how. In other words we would learn something new using the principles of grammar, logic and rhetoric as a basis.

Next, we asked “why not share our journey into greater depths of the trivial with anyone who will listen?” Thus, the idea for familytrivium.com was born. New Year’s Day is popular day for starting new things. Why not a blog?

Each year, we will endeavor to answer 365 questions and you are welcome to follow along here, at familytrivium.com. On leap years, we’ll even try for 366.